The Resonate System

A holistic approach to wellness.

Demystifying Cannabis

We developed the Resonate System to make our products understandable, accessible and predictable.
Welcome to the future of plant medicine.

An Infinite Spectrum of Experiences

We believe that creating consistent, reliable experiences is the future of Cannabis and everyone deserves a product and an experience that’s right for them. With that clear objective in mind, we designed a comprehensive system of interconnected experience targets that will allow you to personalize your relationship with Cannabis and other plant adaptogens through our products.

The Resonate System and accompanying technology help you select the products you need by connecting your lifestyle and wellness objectives with the experience and delivery method that work best for you.​

Cordials, our initial product family, offer six distinct experiences. We will release additional products and experiences over time, culminating in a robust suite of choices for a solution that’s just right for you.

Curate Life

Koan Cordials, fueled by the Resonate System, support you to live the life you want, powered by plant medicine and your mindful intentions.