Here’s where you can find answers to product-related questions and concerns.

Why are Koan Cordials different from other edibles?

Because Cordials are an emulsified liquid, they have the quick onset properties of a tincture but the longer effect life of edibles.  Many people accidentally take too much THC when using edibles because the effects are delayed and unpredictable.  This is frequently a disappointing or even frightening situation.   Your body processes an emulsified liquid differently than it does a “traditional”  edible.  Koan Cordials are precisely controlled formulas with rapid onset that provide predictable and beneficial experiences – time after time.

Is this a full spectrum product?

Koan Cordials are made from carefully sourced, isolated and emulsified ingredients. This method of isolating elements gives us the ability to take advantage of the properties of each element separately.  This allows us to deliver a uniquely precise product experience and consistency not possible using a full spectrum plant oil.

How does a Koan Cordial experience differ from a vape?

Vape effects start quickly and finish sooner than Cordial experiences.  Vapes are inhaled products which carry with them the possible irritation of breathing in any substance.    When you vape a cannabis product the effects come on very quickly (3-5 minutes) and also disappear within an hour or so.  Cordials, effects start to be felt in approximately 11 minutes if swished in the mouth for 20 or more seconds and the total duration varies depending on the experience but can last up to 4 hours.

How long does the Cordial experience last?

Cordial experiences average approximately three to four hours.  Eating heavy foods can affect the timing and duration of any cannabis experience because heavier foods influence how the cannabis compounds are absorbed.  The “heavier” the food is, the longer the onset time.

How long does it take for the Cordial experience to start?

Because Koan Cordials are emulsified formulas, they behave much like a tincture.  If you swirl them in your mouth for 30 seconds, you should begin to feel the effects in about 11 to 15 minutes. If you swallow a cordial whole or mix into another drink,  it will take a little longer for the effects to be felt.  Keep in mind that the start or “onset time” and the “peak effects” periods are different.  You may, for example, start feeling the effects in about 15 minutes which will build until the peak period around 60 to 70 minutes after ingestion.

What do Cordials taste like?

Our cordial flavors are subtle allowing the natural terpene profiles to come through. Citrus and botanical notes are primary with slight variations for each blend. They are subtle enough to enjoy straight or complement the beverage of your choice.

Is the experience different if I pour my Cordial into a drink and sip it over an hour?

When you pour a Cordial into a beverage, this allows you to manage the onset time.  If you sip your product over a longer period of time, this delays the time when you will feel the full effects.  When the effects are felt, the experience is the same as if you used the Cordial straight.  You can also micro-calibrate  the experience by controlling how quickly you ingest the cordial .   Adding a Cordial to your favorite drink gives you complete control over how you enjoy the experience.

Can I drive after taking a Koan Cordial?

We do not recommend driving after taking any substance which alters your focus, reaction time or attention span.  Always try any new products at home and in a safe environment and remember – NO HEAVY MACHINERY!

Will a Koan Cordial make me sleepy?

None of the current Cordial products are designed to make you sleepy.   Calm and Balance are relaxing but not sedative.   Of course, if you’ve been stressed out all day, come home and take Calm and feel so relieved that you decide to take a nap – well, that’s totally up to you.

Will Koan Cordial make me hungry?

As a general rule, the higher the THC content, the more likely for the munchies to present itself.  KOAN Cordials are not overly appetite stimulating by design, but it can happen with the higher THC dose experiences.  Of course there are other factors like, writing the Great American novel on Create or taking Play and raking two acres of leaves and then swimming for an hour. The things could potentially make you hungry.

What is the best way to experience Koan Cordials?

With intention, The Active Ingredient is You so decide how you want to feel and set the stage for it.   For the optimum Koan Cordial  experience don’t eat a heavy meal (especially if the meal has heavy fat content) immediately before using the Cordial or for about half an hour after and when you take the Cordial, swirl it in your mouth for a faster start/onset time.

Can I have a cordial with my dinner?

Yes, but heavy food will change the timing of the experience.  Also, the longer that you keep the Cordial material in your mouth, the less the food in your stomach will affect the experience.

Can I take more than one serving at a time?

You could but Koan Cordials are very different from any other cannabis experiences. We do not recommend making your consumption decision on the THC potency alone.  Our effect formulas are complex.  First try one Cordial to see how it makes you feel. Wait several hours to enjoy the complete experience.  It’s likely that one is all you will need.

Can I mix Koan Cordials into alcoholic drinks?

We do not and cannot advise this. Cordials are highly controlled and exciting experiences all on their own.  If you mix them with alcohol you will not be able to feel the fully targeted experience the product offers.

Why did you pick the name Koan?

A Koan is a paradox or puzzle on the path to enlightenment which is appealing to us because our company is working to create products that can support human connections and help make the world a better place.  And that process begins on the individual level with both traditional “koans” and our intentional experiences.

Why do you call your product cordials?

Cordial means “warm-hearted” or “heartfelt,” from the Latin cor, meaning “heart.” It was originally used to refer physically to matters of the heart, before it was replaced by cardiac. Cordial is also a noun referring to typically sweet potion, originally thought to invigorate the heart. So it made perfect sense for us to call our tiny bottles filled with wonderful feelings, “cordials”.

Do you have a product that you recommend for Sleep?

We are currently working on a sleep product.  In the meantime many users have reported having a very satisfying sleep after taking Calm because it is an effective stress reducer.

What product is best for stress?

Calm – just ask any one who has tried it.  We’ve had reports that it is  “life changing”.  Calm helps you relax, focus and deal with life in a much more positive way,

Which product would you take to a dinner party?

This depends on the party and the guests.  Some people would enjoy Calm, others Delight or Play.  Stay tuned because we will soon be offering tips for Koan Cordial curated dinner parties on our website.  We have also enjoyed Wonder with close, intimate groups of friends but be prepared for a heavier THC experience if that is your choice.

Which product would you recommend for a rock concert?

Play or Delight would be great for a concert because they are socially oriented, energetic experiences.  Unless it’s Pink Floyd.  Then go for Wonder.  Definitely.

How do I choose the best experience for me?

First decide how you want to feel.  Set your intention.  Then look at the product feeling targets on the site – we call them atmospheres.   Pick the product that matches how you would like to feel.  Remember the Active Ingredient is You.  Your intentions are an essential part of the wonderful experience, facilitated by our Cordials.

We have found that although everyone is different, there is a Bell Curve for cannabis experiences and we formulate to that.   Statistically, a significant number of people will experience a certain feeling on Delight, for example.   If you find that you have selected a product that ends up being a little too potent for you, taking a CBD-only product or a Calm Cordial will help.  Remember that even if you do get a little too high, it won’t hurt you.   Just relax, breathe, listen to your favorite lowkey music and go with the experience.