Our Ethos


A Revolution in Cannabis and Culture.

A “KOAN” is a zen paradox designed to speed your path to Enlightenment. For some, the idea of cannabis as a wellness product is a paradox.

We think differently.

There is so much anecdotal evidence, newly-vetted studies and for many first hand experiences, of the beneficial effects of cannabis juxtaposed with a lot of fear, misinformation, lack of education and poorly-executed products. In short, confusion.

It is clear that Cannabis will continue to be deeply embedded into our culture. So, we are committed to demystifying Cannabis and creating products that are designed to support intentional and mindful use by individuals as a core part of their daily wellness rituals.

We believe in Wellness as a Lifestyle. A focus on Wellness does not mean people will not get sick or negatively affected by their surroundings, it means that every choice we make on a daily basis is rooted in the idea that we are responsible and capable of affecting our own well-being. Wellness is a state of being created by the daily choices we make. As a lifestyle it includes the whole person; body, mind and spirit. We believe this is true for our products, and we believe this is true in life. 

The Active Ingredient is You.

We have carefully crafted a line of products that use the latest understanding of formulation for experience, delivery method, taste and emulsification to create something unique, beautiful and that pushes the state of the art. Our Cordials provide a scaffolding to support your intention. And that’s where you come in. With Cannabis as the catalyst, who you are and what you intend is amplified and supported by our products. We help you align with your optimal self. 

We take these core beliefs very seriously and we think hard about what these values mean in relation to how we do business. We dig deep into the science of plant compounds and effects. When we name a Cordial “Calm”, you know that the state you are seeking will be supported in a way that is consistent with science and carefully honed as an art. When we say “Wonder” we expect you to hold on to your hat and then let it go. We are Mastering the Art of Experience and for us this speaks to constant evolution. Our company is founded on that. Our products, our communication, our ideas and thoughts will evolve as we do as a culture, as individuals and as an industry.

At the same time we are ensuring that we purposefully source the finest ingredients and that we support companies that share our underlying values. We are intentionally keeping our footprint as small as possible and keeping our community and environment in mind at all times. We are dedicated to Wellness as a company.

We see medical and recreational use as a range of possibilities as opposed to binary choices. We are as dedicated to “Play” as a recreational pursuit as we are to supporting communities that need real, substantive help such as our veteran community. We intend to support seniors and well as younger consumers who are looking for more refined experiences. We use education to promote cannabis in a way that supports active, engaged and empowered lifestyles. We are here at the beginning of a cultural shift with the ability to provide an infinite spectrum of experiences. We are committed to a Revolution in Cannabis and Culture. We are not just a company, we are a group of dedicated individuals committed to the finest expression of cannabis and other plant medicine in service of our community.

We are KOAN.