Koan Cordials ™

Small bottles,
big feelings.

A brand new way to
experience cannabis.

Historically cordials can trace their origins back to the 15th and 16th century European apothecaries, used as a medical aid to treat ailments such as indigestion, low vitality or to cure symptoms of diseases. Cordials were believed to invigorate the body and the mind. Over time, they transitioned from a medicinal tonic to a social liqueur, distilled using alcohol and infused with flavor enhancers such as citrus or herbs or spices.

Koan has launched the world’s first cannabis cordial, which is a non-alcoholic water-soluble liquid made from cannabis and botanical extracts. Koan cordials come in six initial formulations that offer various experiences — Calm, Balance, Play, Create, Delight and Wonder. Koan Cordials combine THC (psychoactive), CBD (non-psychoactive) with botanical terpenes to deliver an all-natural, plant-derived, single-dosed experience that can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle or poured into any beverage to create one-of-a-kind cannabis cocktails.

Our cordial flavors are subtle allowing the natural terpene profiles to come through. Citrus and botanical notes are primary with slight variations for each blend. They are subtle enough to enjoy straight or complement the beverage of your choice.

Koan Cordials combine the wellness benefits of a tincture with the sociability of a vape or preroll. Our Cordials use emulsion technology paired with our proprietary formulations to deliver consistently dosed products that provide precise effects, each and every time.


CBD rich with a hint of THC, Calm is formulated to quiet your mind and ease you into a gentle sense of well-being.


Our highest THC offering, Wonder is carefully crafted to bring back that childhood sense of wonder and awe we feel when we are fully engaged with our senses and environment.


Designed with a light touch to give a feeling of enchantment. Enjoy the little things around you with an added sense of sparkle.


Balance is a subtle combination of cannabinoids and terpenes formulated to bring your mind, body and spirit back to an even state of harmony and homeostasis.


Create is formulated to stimulate your senses, spark your imagination and channel your muse. Led by Limonene and just the right amount of THC to inspire the artist in you.


We formulated Play to help you get fully immersed in the moment. From the park to the beach to the dance floor, Play helps you find your groove and keep it going.


Our Love Cordial is crafted to reduce barriers to intimacy, stimulate personal connections and increase tactile sensation.


Koan Sleep is precision-calibrated to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed.