Koan Cordials ™

Drink Me.

Koan Cordials, the new way to enjoy cannabis. Precision-crafted for unparalleled experiences. The finest qualities of an edible, tincture and beverage in one tiny bottle.

The Active Ingredient is You.®

Connect to the present with Calm.

Explore the Universe with Wonder

Find your center with Balance.

Savor the moment with Delight.

Skip to my Lou with Play

Find your muse with Create.


Subtle flavors to sip directly or mix with your favorite drink.


Precisely calibrated for each individual blend.

Crafted for Predictability

Quick onset, precise experience and gentle offramp.

100% Plant-Derived

All-natural, compliant-plus ingredients.

Koan Cordials ™

Rethink Happy Hour

Focus and Amplify
Body, Mind & Spirit

Uniquely Your Experience

Drink Recipes

The perfect non-alcoholic cocktail recipes to compliment and accentuate your Cordial experience.

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All the nerdy stuff we love about traditional plant medicine and modern scientific studies.

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson