Five Exciting Ways Cannabis Can Increase Intimacy in a Relationship

We Could All Use a Little More Love

Whether you and your partner are in a complete sexual rut, could use a boost of excitement in the bedroom, or simply want to try something new to increase intimacy in your relationship, the fact of the matter remains that we could all use a little more love in our lives. With the sex toy & entertainment industry reported to be worth over $33 billion, there are a litany of adult-themed games, toys, and products all aimed to increase intimacy in a relationship. While games and toys certainly have their place in the bedroom, they don’t always deliver the results that you’re looking for. Oftentimes, a loss of physical intimacy in a relationship is the result of factors like mental apprehension, anxiety, depression, and for some, simply being too tired to engage in anything more than drifting away to dreamland. However, new research has been shedding light on the latest trend for couples trying to increase their intimacy — cannabis.

What Science Says About Cannabis, Relationships, and Sex

Long gone are the days that cannabis was just seen as a way to get high. As more states have adopted legalized medical and recreational programs and researchers continue to publish studies around its potential medical values, it should be no surprise that people have started asking, “can cannabis help my sex life?”

In a 2020 study by the University of Buffalo and the University of Houston, researchers examined 183 couples that are frequent cannabis users (2+ times per week) over the course of 30 days to determine if regular cannabis use influenced the number of positive or negative sexual experiences. After two different methods of analyzing the data, researchers reported that cannabis use revealed “robust positive effects [2]” by couples who consumed cannabis at least two times per week. Additionally, the study also suggests that there was “some evidence for positive effects of solo use as well. [2]” Although the sample size of this study was relatively small in the grand scheme, it certainly positions researchers to continue exploring the possibilities of cannabis’ influence on sex.

Another study published in the Journal of Sex Medicine sought to determine if cannabis use and sexual frequency were related. After surveying 28,176 women and 22,943 men, data suggests that there is a “positive association between [cannabis] use and sexual frequency in men and women across all demographic groups. [3]Of course, physical intimacy and cannabis in relationships isn’t a one size fits all field of study and is an area that will continue to be studied for generations to come. As barriers to research around cannabis continue to be lowered globally, we expect additional data in the future to provide more evidence of cannabis’ potential positive impact on physical intimacy.

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Five Ways Cannabis Can Increase Intimacy in Relationships

Easing Your Mind

Anxiety is often said to be the killer of opportunity and that can stand especially true when it comes to physical intimacy and sex. Many canna-consumers find that properly dosed cannabis prior to a sexual encounter can help take the edge off and allow one to get out of their own head. This relaxing effect is often thought to be the result of the cannabinoid THC, however, many researchers now suggest that this is due to a combination of all compounds found in cannabis, like secondary cannabinoids and terpenes. This is often referred to as the entourage effect. For instance, a terpene often found in cannabis, alpha-bisabolol, has been shown to work in conjunction with cannabinoids to potentially reduce anxiety, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Improving Your Mental Connection

The best sex isn’t just physical, it’s a connection so intense, it’s almost overwhelming. Unfortunately, though, responsibilities, work, stress, and even boredom can negatively impact the primal connection that you may have once felt towards your partner. If you find yourself wishing that you could feel the sense of desire that you once felt towards your partner, perhaps cannabis is just the tool you need. Ask your budtender for a product that is high in the terpene alpha-pinene. Reports suggest that this terpene increases feelings of connectivity and boosts sociability, which facilitate intimacy.

Tapping Into Your Energy Reserves

If you find that you’re often too tired at the end of the day for a romp under the sheets, you may dismiss the idea of bringing cannabis into your love life out of fear that it will only make you sleepier. This can certainly be true for some types of cannabis, but others can actually provide stimulating effects. The terpene limonene is one often found in household products because of its distinct, citrusy scent profile, but this terp provides more than a pleasant aroma. Limonene is reported to be a brightening stimulant which can counteract the sedative effects of THC. Be sure to ask for a limonene-dominant cannabis product at your dispensary if you have trouble finding the bandwidth for physical intimacy with your partner.

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Amplifying Your Sense of Touch

Many couples find themselves simply undressing and jumping right into the main course without first taking the time to savor the appetizers. In other words, it is easy to forego foreplay because you’ve become accustomed to both the touch of and touching your partner. Cannabis can not only help slow down this process, giving you time to stop and smell the roses, but it can also increase tactile sensitivity. The terpene beta-mercene is reported to enhance the effects of THC, increasing one’s tactile sensation (touch). If you and your partner constantly cut to the chase, perhaps you should try combining a cannabis product high in beta-myrcene with a sensual massage to slow things down, giving both parties the opportunity to explore each other’s body. For some extra fun and to really emphasize the tactile aspect, try this in a dark room or with a blindfold, focusing solely on the touch aspect.

Ease the Aches and Pains

Father Time is a part of everyone’s life and although cannabis can’t stop us from aging, studies suggest that it can provide relief for those aches and pains often associated with growing older. Terpenes like beta-caryophyllene have been shown to enhance the effects of the cannabinoid CBD, relaxing your body with anti-inflammatory properties. If sore or inflamed joints and muscles are preventing you or your partner from enjoying the physical side of intimacy, speak to your dispensary about a cannabis product high in an anti-inflammatory terpene like beta-caryophyllene. Additionally, for some of us, sex itself can lead to discomfort or pain, thus inhibiting the desire for sex. Cannabis can be an excellent tool to help relax tense muscles and sexual organs, which can ultimately lead to more pleasurable sex.

Is There a Cannabis Product Dedicated to All Aspects of Sexuality?

If you’ve been searching for a cannabis product that contains all the intimacy-boosting terpenes that we’ve mentioned, you may have come up empty handed — until now. Thanks to advances in cannabis-infusion technology, brands like Koan are offering canna-consumers a single-serving cannabis product that not only contains the terpenes we’ve discussed, but in a form-factor that is convenient, precisely dosed, and that is consistent from batch to batch. Koan’s Love Cordial activates your mind and body to lower barriers to intimacy, increase tactile sensations, and promote connectivity with your partner.

Koan Cordials are available in a wide variety of experiences. Their cannabis products are unique in that they give the user the ability to choose their moment, instead of merely hoping that you have a positive experience. If your local dispensary is sold out, you can order Koan Cordials online and have them delivered right to your door (California residents only). 

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So, next time you feel that the emotional or physical aspect of your relationship has taken a leave of absence, try out some of the tips we’ve covered above and incorporate Koan’s Love Cordial into the mix. You may be surprised at the magic that you can rekindle as well as the new things you may discover.

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