9 Plants that Contain Cannabinoids

Do any other plants contain cannabinoids besides cannabis? We hear this question often from eager customers who wish to expand their knowledge and learn more about all things cannabis. If you’ve ever asked yourself this question too, keep on reading!

Although many people assume cannabis is the only plant that contains cannabinoids, cannabinoids are not unique to cannabis. In fact, many plants contain cannabinoids besides cannabis.

The key with cannabinoids is the unique relationship each cannabinoid compound has with receptors within the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is composed of many complex lipid signaling networks. These networks work together to create both actual or potential therapeutic effects [2].

In general, there are three categories of cannabinoids:

1) phytocannabinoids – these are produced by plants

2) endogenous cannabinoids – these are found naturally in humans and animals

3) synthetic cannabinoids – this type is produced synthetically in a laboratory and is sometimes molecularly and structurally different from naturally-produced cannabinoids [1].

Furthermore, there are compounds called cannabimimetics. Cannabimimetics mimic some of the same effects as cannabinoids; however, they technically are not cannabinoids. Additionally, some cannabimimetics directly interact with cannabinoid (CB) receptors while some others do not [2].

9 plants that contain cannabinoids (besides cannabis and hemp)