The Active Ingredient is You.™

Believe it, Baby

Mind / Body Connection

Your intent is everything

One of the sayings that you probably heard more than once when you were growing up is: “You get out of something what you put into it.” Your parents may have been referring to practicing your violin or doing your homework. But now we know the idea is bigger than that. That simple idea is one of the key elements that govern our entire lives as individuals, as a culture and as a world community. What we bring to an experience, defines it.

Modern science, even quantum physics, is actually catching up with age old parental and shaministic wisdom as we now have empirical scientific evidence that the type of energy we apply to a situation affects its outcome. Countless people in control groups have “healed” themselves by believing that they were receiving a treatment when they were not. Finally researchers are realizing that this “placebo” phenomenon is not a flaw in their testing but rather an indicator of an innate relationship between body and the mind. The intention of the mind measurably impacts the functioning of the body and this has enormous implications to psychological and physiological well being.

At the most basic universal level, energy seems to be the primary source of everything. The exciting news is that we can actually control this energy. And when we apply energy to something – that is our intent. This is why we believe in committing to wellness as a lifestyle. We have the power to optimize our own lives and our communities.

All quality experiences require attention; active listening, mindful yoga, creative expression, satisfying workouts…for these activities to be rewarding, we need to concentrate on them – to focus on them. We try to do them intentionally.

In recognition of this essential fact of life, we respect that the active ingredient in each of your experiences is you!

Koan products help you apply and manage your energy. We view them as a scaffolding to support and amplify your intention. They open the road to where you want to be. They help you access the feelings you want. Our formulas focus and enhance your intent. They are designed to smooth the day; to quiet distractions, boost your concentration and energy, to help you achieve exactly the experience you were looking for.

We pour all our science, experience, and creativity into developing blends that are effective, predictable and enjoyable. As stand alone products they are in a class of their own. We put everything we have into our tiny, tasty Cordials. However, when they receive their final active ingredient, you, something truly magical happens.