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The Basics of Bioavailability (and Why it is Important).

Predictability, consistency and transparency are three fundamental aspects of what we mean when we say we are dedicated to demystifying cannabis. Bioavailability is a critical component in honing and refining our formulations for those purposes. Bioavailability is a complex topic but all that it really means is how, when, and where any compound becomes “available” to your body for use. This is an especially important concept when it comes to cannabis products (See: The Endocannabinoid System and The Entourage Effect). In our formulations, we optimize bioavailability by delivery method.

​Different delivery methods have their own bioavailability “attributes”. For example, a traditional edible after ingestion can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple hours for the compounds in the edible to become available for use in your body. On the other hand, a smoked or vaped cannabis product can take minutes before the compounds in those products are active in your bloodstream and therefore available to the rest of your body. When those compounds become available to your body via your bloodstream, that is when the effects are felt.

​Although every cannabis delivery method has its own bioavailability attributes, there are some that are easier to control and predict than others. For example, edibles are notoriously varied in how the effects show up in different people and even at different times. Vapes, however, tend to be very consistent. As you would expect, many other variables can affect bioavailability such as body weight, time of day, age, health, state of mind, etc. Each of us is physiologically unique, but generally speaking, how quickly the substance gets into your bloodstream and how it interacts with the other systems in your body is what we mean when we talk about Bioavailability.

To truly create precision and consistency of effects, we have had to fine tune the interaction of the bioavailability of different delivery methods with the Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect is the term used to describe how the various elements of our formulations all work together to create a specific effect by partnering with your Endocannabinoid System.

​Koan product formulators craft extraordinary products, working with all these key concepts to create experiences you can trust. In short, the bioavailability “legwork” has been done for you. We provide information about each product that clearly presents the dosage, average onset time, peak ranges, and total duration, among other things. For you the consumer, the Cordial line itself is meant to be the easiest way to control bioavailability and dosage because every Cordial bottle is one dose that is intended to give you a specified experience over a predictable duration.

​Cordial formulas offer a range of predictable, controllable experiences from euphoric Delta-9 THC to relaxation and balance. It is entirely up to you to choose the kind of experience you would like.

​Of course, this “Bioavailability Basics” article is just the tip of the iceberg. There are much deeper layers when it comes to something as complex as bioavailability which we will be exploring over time. We hope that you enjoy exploring this concept with us more in detail as we make additional content available here on the Explore page and in our blogs.